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From the moment I held a camera in my hands, I discovered a deep, emotional connection to capturing life’s most beautiful moments. As I watched my children grow, I realized that each fleeting instant was precious, never to be repeated. With every click of the shutter, I preserved a cherished memory, and soon, photography became more than just a hobby – it transformed into my passion.

With immense gratitude, I embraced this passion as my calling, and it has since brought me boundless joy. Through Wanderer & The Wild, I am honored to share this gift with you, to help you hold onto your own treasured memories forever.

Wanderer & The Wild is so much more than just photography. As a bespoke, boutique business, I personally manage every aspect of your project – from first emails, capturing each tender moment, to meticulous editing and quality assurance. With my unwavering dedication, I ensure that every piece I create for you is nothing short of perfection.

Now, it’s your turn to take center stage on your special day. I am deeply grateful that you’ve chosen to visit my page, and I want you to know that it would be an absolute honor to be part of your wedding journey. Together, let’s create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Chantel (Wanderer & The Wild)

Based in Northern NSW, Tweed Coast. Covering area’s from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast. 

NOTE  When you choose Wanderer & The Wild Photography as your photographer, you have chosen that artistic vision & unique style. Wanderer & The Wild do not manipulate and/or modify images other than lighting & colour.